The Trocha horses, smooth and uniform.

The "newest" of the colombian gaits, the Trocha horses are known for their docility, energy, and covering long distances in a graceful manner.

Come in and experience the love and passion for horses that have been guiding us through all these years!

We are proud to present the finest Colombian horses, the result of more than 50 years of constant effort and experience. Love, passion, and hard work are mixed with champions' bloodlines to create extraordinary and unique Paso Finos, Trotones, and Trochadores. Smoothness and brio, two qualities that are superbly combined through breeding and training, are our specialty.

With very competitive prices and great quality, owning a horse bred by Zamy Horse Farms is not only a pleasure, but an investment as well. If you are an expert, or if you are completely new to this world of horses, here at Zamy Horse Farms we will help you find the right horse. We have a wide selection of magnificent Paso Finos, Trotones, and Trochadores, so come and discover their smoothness, intelligence, beauty and power!

Paso Fino

A very smooth ride, combined with elegance and pure energy, a special characteristic called "brio".


There are two types of trocha: the classic or "pure colombian", and a slower one, with a gallop.

Trote y Galope

Its smoothness and elegant carriage have inspired painters and sculptors, poems and songs.

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